How much money is in content marketing?

If you're starting out, I recommend it. How much does it cost? Nothing but your time.

How much money is in content marketing?

If you're starting out, I recommend it. How much does it cost? Nothing but your time. It's also the choice most small businesses make online. How much does it cost? Nothing additional.

Keep in mind that your employees aren't exactly “free”. If you decide to assign this task to your workers, consider their current workload and capacity. I'm going to explain several ways of doing content marketing that cost much less than conventional estimates. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute reports that content marketing generates more than three times more leads than outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

The specific amount tells us less about the importance that brands place on content marketing and more about the cost of this strategy. In fact, the CMI and MarketingProfs found that 94% of the most successful B2B sellers surveyed use metrics to measure the performance of their content, while only 60% of the least successful B2B sellers do so. The second biggest investment in terms of media channels is organic social content, which is used by 43% of media planners. If you're still in the early stages of your business, focusing on economic content and social campaigns can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and increase your audience.

Its use is also expected to increase this year, as 22% of content planners plan to use it for the first time this year. Using an Upwork writer or ordering high-quality content costs more, but it's within the budgetary reach of some companies. In addition to answering questions about how to pay for content marketing, some people are simply throwing up their hands in desperation. One possible option is to simply take some funds from “traditional marketing” and allocate them to content marketing.

Like any management decision, you should consider the ability of your team and yourself to do content marketing. While these numbers will vary by industry, a good rule of thumb that many marketers recommend is to allocate between 25 and 30% of your marketing budget to content marketing. Whether you're new to content marketing or looking to optimize your strategy, setting an optimal budget is a great way to optimize your efforts and maximize your returns. The truth is that content marketing involves a lot of things, from writing and design to researching and buying media.

Content marketing can take you from being a business that no one has ever heard of to a very popular brand.